Wednesday, 19 January 2011

#4- A bit bright?

I'm knitting a shawlette but after taking pictures of my progress i'm starting to think I was a bit hasty in my colour choice lol I wanted to do something bright and colourful and I've always loved lime green and pepto pink together so why the frigg not?

I promise it doesn't look this vile in real life, not to me anyway lol I'm calling it kiwi bubblegum, should hopefully have it finished tonight but it's gonna be a bitch to block as it's acrylic :/ I have to de-stash...don't ask.

This could be one of those FO's that never sees the light of day but i'll love it nevertheless!


  1. Omg here is like a heaven for me !!! i love knitting threapy =) And you are really great, it must be so difficult

  2. @zuzu aww lol thanks, but it's really not hard at all! I'm doing a basic knit stitch video tutorial right now as I type so maybe you can learn from it? :] xx